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My 2 weeks break is almost over and it felt so amazing.
I finally could clean out my flat and got my new side board which looks amazing in the bedroom. Even my cats love it. ;)

My colleague informed me (I asked her to keep me updated on this subject) that our new colleague quit. Not surprised and actually released since she was a pain in the arse.
She'll be gone by the end of October. Of course that means we have to do more work and again search for a new one but we just hope it gets better. :)

Now to the "getting worse" part.
My colleague (the only other female on our team and the one who is looking after my work when I'm on holiday) got fired yesterday. She made a really stupid mistake but it's still shocking.
I just can't imagine that she won't be ever back in the office.
She rang me last evening to tell me herself about it and she also asked if we can go have some coffee some time. I'd love to.
Next week when I'm back in the office and know what's going on I'm calling her asking when she has time for it.

So when I'm back I have lots more work and we remaining 5 have to manage to get 2 new colleagues and learn them how to work in our company.
With the already disaster we have with Italy it will be a hell of autumn and winter.
That totally wants you to get back in the office, doesn't it?
I guess all of this will lead to have a talk to the boss soon. :-/

But for now I try to enjoy my last couple of days off.

I totally forgot.
At least the company would financially help me when I'm going to study beside work.
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It's weekend and I should be in a good mood but honestly I don't really feel good.
I hate that the things at work make me angry and sad. It's just frustrating,
One more week and then I'm finally on a 2 weeks break. I just hope that helps.

I sent an email to my boss today asking if he has time for me next week. I definitely need to talk to him about it.

On better news.
The info evening about studying beside work was really interesting and as soon as I know how to pay for it (290€ per month) I'm going to do it.
Another thing I want to talk about with my boss. If the company would help me that would be great.
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Even though this one work mate is not in the office the coming week I still don't really feel that much better. I really thought it would help. It did all the other times. Maybe now is the time it won't go back to normal like all the other times?

Good thing I ordered the chest of drawer today, I hope they can deliver it at the beginning of my holidays so I could already put stuff in it when I start cleaning out my flat.
2 more weeks and then I have finally 2 weeks off. I bet the next 2 weeks will take forever to come and then my holidays are over like nothing.

I knew it

Sep. 3rd, 2015 03:02 pm
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Just as I thought now that the one colleague is on holiday it's so much better in the office for me.
Unfortunately he has to come back. :-/
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I slept so much today. I don't know if it is because I didn't get enough during the week or if I'm just mentally distressed.

Even though I don't want to the thing about my colleagues bugs me.
I don't know if I should be pissed about myself for not being able to let it go or about them for having breakfast and "forgetting" to tell me.
I am so ready for a break. Unfortunately 3 more weeks until my holidays. :-/

I hope the next 2 weeks are going to be a little bit easier since one of my colleagues is on holidays. I couldn't stand him the last week anymore. Always hearing him babble on about how awesome he is and how awful all the others are was just horrible. I hear that now for about 2 1/2 years. It's getting old.
He's that classical "much ado about nothing" big mouth but when it comes to terms he chickens out.

Since I am thinking about doing something beside work (some kind of courses at evening school maybe) I have to have a talk with my boss and I guess I have to tell him how I feel right now. Work itself is okay, I still like it but the gossip and talking behind someones back is getting worse which I don't like.
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Since I miss having some kind of blog I started this.
LJ is dead for more than a year now and I just need something where I can write about the stuff thats going on in my head.


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